The Know Your Customer (KYC) Form ensures that the identity and source of funds of all clients with BIA Energy Corporation are appropriately verified to achieve compliance with the Financial Obligations Regulations 2010. All areas within this Know Your Customer Form are required to be complete and submitted as part of the due diligence performed by BIA Energy Corporation and are applicable (however not limited) to existing clients in conformity with the Anti-Money Laundering Laws and Regulations.

Once the Know Your Customer (KYC) Form is complete, then BIA Energy will be in contact and may provide additional documentation to complete for due diligence purposes.
Please contact for any questions.


The name and address of the applicant mentioned within this Know Your Customer (KYC) Form should match the documentation of proof submitted. Copies of all documentation should be attested and accompanied by the originals for verification. However, should the original(s) of any document(s) not be produced for verification, then the copy (or copies) should be properly attested by entities or persons authorized to certify such documentation.

For non-residents and/or foreign nationals, copies of passport(s) or other acceptable forms of identification and international (or overseas) addresses are mandatory. BIA Energy Corporation must obtain identity information on all clients to determine if the clients are United States persons, in compliance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), a United States - based legislation.

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